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#2 Re: 计算机图形/GUI/RTOS/FileSystem » littlevgl多界面切换问题 » 2020-01-15 10:11:14


Blizzard 说:


#3 Re: 计算机图形/GUI/RTOS/FileSystem » littlevgl多界面切换问题 » 2020-01-15 09:13:26

不管用,具体是怎么不管用?没有隐藏掉当前界面?还是要切换的界面没有出现?还是其他? neutral

#6 Re: 好钜润半导体(TIKY) » 早上起来刷根天线,无意中看到好钜润更新了一个板子,不知道啥时候更新的,大家看看 » 2020-01-11 09:49:53


红白机 说:

看起来不错, 这个液晶是什么型号, 单卖什么价格呢?

#7 好钜润半导体(TIKY) » 早上起来刷根天线,无意中看到好钜润更新了一个板子,不知道啥时候更新的,大家看看 » 2020-01-11 09:29:09

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7、性价比高,88元包含了高性能M4芯片,16M FLASH与8M RAM及高分辨率TFT屏,可以直接片上编程,比串口屏灵活,速度更快;



#8 Re: DIY/综合/Arduino/写字机/3D打印机/智能小车/平衡车/四轴飞行/ » 闲鱼捡漏,拆解一台收银机【多图警告,流量党劝退】 » 2019-12-23 13:12:17


伍零壹 说:

我靠  做这个项目的人也是不缺钱   直接上树莓派啊

#16 Re: DIY/综合/Arduino/写字机/3D打印机/智能小车/平衡车/四轴飞行/ » 感谢@weiyongwill 赠送的某银行淘汰终端机,AM3354 CPU,运行Android【开车了, 凑满50台就发车, 60元+运费】 » 2019-11-29 17:47:22


weiyongwill 说:


#18 Re: Qt/MSVC/MINGW/C++/MFC/GTK+/Delphi/BCB » 一个商业化的Qt组件 (多图预警!!!考验剩余流量和网速) » 2019-11-29 13:15:41


#24 Re: RT1050/RT10XX » keil MDK 5.25 下载 » 2019-11-19 16:15:34


晕哥 说:
[uVision updated to V5.29.0.0] ◾Added: option in License Manager to request a 30-day evaluation license of the MDK Professional edition.
◾Added support for v8.1-M architecture extensions (requires MDK Professional).
◾Enhanced: auto-generated scatter files can manage multiple modules with the same name.
◾Enhanced: librarian is skipped in build if all contained objects are up to date shortening the build times.

◾[Arm Compiler included] ◾Included Arm Compiler 5 version 5.06u6 - unchanged: see Release Notes for further details.
◾Updated Arm Compiler 6 to version 6.13 - see Release Notes for further details.

◾[Software Packs included] ◾Keil - MDK Middleware 7.10.0 ◾Updated File System Component to version 6.13.0 ◾Added ftime_set and ftime_get functions used to manage the file or directory timestamps.
◾Added status codes fsAlreadyExists and fsNotDirectory that allow more control when using fmkdir, frmdir and fchdir.
◾Added debug configuration for debugging with Event Recorder.
◾Added second instance of the RAM drive (drive R1).
◾Corrected bug in FAT file name compare for names with equal root and 13 characters in length (LFN).
◾Corrected bug in FAT cluster handling when deleting file which could cause false out of space error.
◾Corrected bug in fmedia which could cause non-initialized pointer access when using uninitialized drive.

◾Updated Network Component to version 7.12.0 ◾Added support for Digest access authentication in HTTP server.
◾Added support for user accounts in HTTP server Digest authentication.
◾Added support for passwords stored as MD5 hash value HA1.
◾Added support for the WiFi interface.
◾Added send frame buffering, if the MAC address in the IPv6 NDP cache is not resolved (the first call to the netUDP_Send function does not fail anymore).
◾Corrected possible memory corruption in CHAP authentication, when PPP interface used in client mode, and the server generates CHAP challenges of less than 16 bytes.
◾Corrected memory issue when receiving fragmented broadcast message.
◾Corrected return code from BSD_EINVAL to BSD_ESOCK if BSD socket is not created.
◾Corrected filtering for link-layer addressed UDP messages (datagrams with correct MAC address and invalid IP address are no longer received).
◾Corrected Neighbor Discovery failure, when the requested global IPv6 address is on-link.
◾Corrected problem in BSD socket timeouts, when the blocked receiving and blocked sending in the socket are simultaneously used from two threads.
◾Corrected problem, that the device is not accessible to IPv6 after changing the MAC address.
◾Corrected possible TCP socket retransmission failure in keep-alive mode for very short time limits, when the keep-alive timer expired before the retransmission timer.
◾Corrected CHAP authentication failure in the PPP interface, when used in client mode.
◾Improved and optimized network core processing.
◾Improved versioning, added library version to a map file (i.e.: "network_ip4_release_v7.10.6").
◾Improved access to ethernet, serial and modem drivers.
◾Improved Event Recorder debug support and updated documentation for the debug events available in the Network Services.
◾Optimized send_frame functions for network interfaces.
◾Updated IGMP multicast address filtering.
◾Updated lease renewal in the DHCP client also updates the default Gateway.

◾Updated USB Component to version 6.13.7 ◾Added thread name for all threads created by the USB stack.
◾USB Host ◾Corrected CMSIS-RTOS1 compatibility mode compilation error in USART_CDC_ACM.c and USART_PL2303.c templates.
◾Corrected USBH_Device_GetController, USBH_Device_GetPort, USBH_Device_GetAddress, USBH_Device_GetVID, and USBH_Device_GetPID functions to work in device enumeration Initialize callbacks.

◾USB Device ◾Corrected delay on USB out transfer when multiple USB devices are used.
◾Corrected handling if endpoint configuration in driver fails.
◾Corrected MSC class support for sector size different than 512.
◾Corrected MAC_str_to_addr function in Ethernet RNDIS driver.
◾Corrected MAC_str_to_addr function in USBD_User_CDC_ACM_RNDIS_ETH.c and USBD_User_CDC_ACM_RNDIS_VETH.c templates.
◾Improved USB input buffers alignment (aligned to 32 bytes, support cache up to 32 bytes per cache line).

◾Unchanged Graphics Component to version 5.50.
◾Unchanged Board Support Interface specification.

◾ARM - CMSIS 5.6.0 ◾Updated:  CMSIS-Core (Cortex-M) to version 5.3.0. ◾Added provisions for compiler-independent C startup code.
◾Corrected a compilation issue in cmsis_armclang_ltm.h introduced in 5.2.0.

◾Updated:  CMSIS-Core (Cortex-A) to version 1.1.4. ◾Corrected an issue in the Floating Point Unit Function __FPU_Enable().
◾Modified functions __get_SP_usr() / __set_SP_usr() to work with ArmClang.
◾Corrected a zero argument handling in function __CLZ().

◾Updated: CMSIS-DSP to version 1.7.0. ◾Modified arm_math.h . ◾Removed dependance on cores.
◾Deprecated __SIMD32 and introduced new functions for SIMD accesses.

◾Added compilation flags for FFT. It is now possible to include only the tables required for FFTs.

◾Updated: CMSIS-NN to version 1.2.0. ◾Added arm_status arm_depthwise_conv_u8_basic_ver1 function for depthwise convolution with asymmetric quantization.
◾Added arm_nn_sat_doubling_high_mult and arm_nn_divide_by_power_of_two support functions for quantization.

◾Updated: CMSIS-RTOS to version 4.82. ◾Corrected: Recursive Mutex 16-bit lock counter is now checked to not overflow.

◾ Devices ◾Generalized C startup code for all Cortex-M family devices.
◾Updated Cortex-A memory regions and system configuration files.

◾ Utilities ◾Updated SVDConv to version 3.3.27.
◾Updated PackChk to version 1.3.87.

◾ARM - CMSIS-Driver 2.4.1 ◾Added CMSIS-WiFi driver for the Espressif ESP8266 WiFi module.
◾Updated CMSIS-WiFi driver for the Inventek ISM43362 WiFi module to version 1.2.0. ◾Corrected SocketClose functionality.
◾Updated Initialization function to handle unavailable reset pin.
◾Updated functionality to comply with CMSIS WiFi Driver Validation.
◾Added debug of SPI traffic to Event Recorder.
◾Corrected PHY_LAN8742A power down bit definition.

◾Keil - Arm Compiler 1.6.2 (Software Pack) ◾Added ARMV81MML to the list of supported processors.
◾Updated EventRecorder.scvd: ◾using level 'Detail' for start/stop A event group to not show in red.
◾adding prefix attribute to enable linking the event property to the doxygen documentation.

◾[Target debugging] ◾ULINKpro: ◾updated firmware to version 1.59 adding support for JTAG-DPv3 (ADIv6).
◾added support for CoreSight DAP v3 based on ADIv6.
◾added support for SDF files from CMSIS debug description for complex trace topologies.
◾added support for switch out of dormant state for CoreSight SW-DPv2 (Serial Wire Debug Port).

◾ULINKplus: ◾added support for CoreSight DAP v3 based on ADIv6.
◾added support for SDF files from CMSIS debug description for complex trace topologies.
◾added support for switch out of dormant state for CoreSight SW-DPv2 (Serial Wire Debug Port).

◾ULINK2: ◾added support for SDF files from CMSIS debug description for complex trace topologies.
◾added support for switch out of dormant state for CoreSight SW-DPv2 (Serial Wire Debug Port).

◾CMSIS-DAP: ◾added support for CoreSight DAP v3 based on ADIv6.
◾added support for SDF files from CMSIS debug description for complex trace topologies.
◾added support for switch out of dormant state for CoreSight SW-DPv2 (Serial Wire Debug Port).

◾ST-LINK (STMicroelectronics): ◾updated debug driver to version
◾including firmware upgrade utility ST-LinkUpgrade.exe version 2.5.2.

◾NULink (Nuvoton) updated debug driver to version 3.01.6951.
◾Stellaris ICDI support has been removed.

◾ [Cortex-M Architecture models] ◾Updated Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP)  support to version 11.8.59.

◾[Supported Operating Systems] ◾Refer to System Requirements Overview for hardware and operating system requirements.


MDK 529 下载。

#25 Re: 全志/Allwinnertech/V3S/A64/H6/A20/A33/F1C100s » 请问大家荔枝派网盘里面的 V3s TF卡 debian 桌面镜像有哪位朋友跑起来了? » 2019-11-19 10:30:35


Jmhh247 说:


#26 Re: 计算机图形/GUI/RTOS/FileSystem » LittlevGL新版本在线生成字体还可以用么? » 2019-11-18 11:02:03


cdft 说:

不限定任何方式,只要是能生成littlevgl 可用的awesome图标字体就可以。

#28 Re: 计算机图形/GUI/RTOS/FileSystem » LittlevGL新版本在线生成字体还可以用么? » 2019-11-16 11:56:48


cdft 说:

最近发现老版本上 https://littlevgl.com/ttf-font-to-c-array-old 可以在线生成字体,但是新版本 https://littlevgl.com/ttf-font-to-c-array 上尝试生成字体,一直无法成功。。请问下有成功的么?

#29 Re: 计算机图形/GUI/RTOS/FileSystem » LittlevGL新版本在线生成字体还可以用么? » 2019-11-16 11:54:55


#31 Re: 计算机图形/GUI/RTOS/FileSystem » lvgl官网图片转换下载太慢,用离线版封装了一个转换工具 » 2019-11-15 18:25:46

晕哥 说:



#37 Re: ESP32/ESP8266 » 如何实现ESP32开发板接入物联网平台,实现通过远程app与ESP32进行通信和控制? » 2019-09-29 09:51:22

dreams2084 说:


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