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rtx5 的api 方便查询

Function Reference
Kernel Information and Control
osKernelGetInfo : Get RTOS Kernel Information.
osKernelGetState : Get the current RTOS Kernel state.
osKernelGetSysTimerCount : Get the RTOS kernel system timer count.
osKernelGetSysTimerFreq : Get the RTOS kernel system timer frequency.
osKernelInitialize : Initialize the RTOS Kernel.
osKernelLock : Lock the RTOS Kernel scheduler.
osKernelUnlock : Unlock the RTOS Kernel scheduler.
osKernelRestoreLock : Restore the RTOS Kernel scheduler lock state.
osKernelResume : Resume the RTOS Kernel scheduler.
osKernelStart : Start the RTOS Kernel scheduler.
osKernelSuspend : Suspend the RTOS Kernel scheduler.
osKernelGetTickCount : Get the RTOS kernel tick count.
osKernelGetTickFreq : Get the RTOS kernel tick frequency.
Thread Management
osThreadDetach : Detach a thread (thread storage can be reclaimed when thread terminates).
osThreadEnumerate : Enumerate active threads.
osThreadExit : Terminate execution of current running thread.
osThreadGetCount : Get number of active threads.
osThreadGetId : Return the thread ID of the current running thread.
osThreadGetName : Get name of a thread.
osThreadGetPriority : Get current priority of a thread.
osThreadGetStackSize : Get stack size of a thread.
osThreadGetStackSpace : Get available stack space of a thread based on stack watermark recording during execution.
osThreadGetState : Get current thread state of a thread.
osThreadJoin : Wait for specified thread to terminate.
osThreadNew : Create a thread and add it to Active Threads.
osThreadResume : Resume execution of a thread.
osThreadSetPriority : Change priority of a thread.
osThreadSuspend : Suspend execution of a thread.
osThreadTerminate : Terminate execution of a thread.
osThreadYield : Pass control to next thread that is in state READY.
Thread Flags
osThreadFlagsSet : Set the specified Thread Flags of a thread.
osThreadFlagsClear : Clear the specified Thread Flags of current running thread.
osThreadFlagsGet : Get the current Thread Flags of current running thread.
osThreadFlagsWait : Wait for one or more Thread Flags of the current running thread to become signaled.
Event Flags
osEventFlagsGetName : Get name of an Event Flags object.
osEventFlagsNew : Create and Initialize an Event Flags object.
osEventFlagsDelete : Delete an Event Flags object.
osEventFlagsSet : Set the specified Event Flags.
osEventFlagsClear : Clear the specified Event Flags.
osEventFlagsGet : Get the current Event Flags.
osEventFlagsWait : Wait for one or more Event Flags to become signaled.
Generic Wait Functions
osDelay : Wait for Timeout (Time Delay).
osDelayUntil : Wait until specified time.
Timer Management
osTimerDelete : Delete a timer.
osTimerGetName : Get name of a timer.
osTimerIsRunning : Check if a timer is running.
osTimerNew : Create and Initialize a timer.
osTimerStart : Start or restart a timer.
osTimerStop : Stop a timer.
Mutex Management
osMutexAcquire : Acquire a Mutex or timeout if it is locked.
osMutexDelete : Delete a Mutex object.
osMutexGetName : Get name of a Mutex object.
osMutexGetOwner : Get Thread which owns a Mutex object.
osMutexNew : Create and Initialize a Mutex object.
osMutexRelease : Release a Mutex that was acquired by osMutexAcquire.
osSemaphoreAcquire : Acquire a Semaphore token or timeout if no tokens are available.
osSemaphoreDelete : Delete a Semaphore object.
osSemaphoreGetCount : Get current Semaphore token count.
osSemaphoreGetName : Get name of a Semaphore object.
osSemaphoreNew : Create and Initialize a Semaphore object.
osSemaphoreRelease : Release a Semaphore token up to the initial maximum count.
Memory Pool
osMemoryPoolAlloc : Allocate a memory block from a Memory Pool.
osMemoryPoolDelete : Delete a Memory Pool object.
osMemoryPoolFree : Return an allocated memory block back to a Memory Pool.
osMemoryPoolGetBlockSize : Get memory block size in a Memory Pool.
osMemoryPoolGetCapacity : Get maximum number of memory blocks in a Memory Pool.
osMemoryPoolGetCount : Get number of memory blocks used in a Memory Pool.
osMemoryPoolGetName : Get name of a Memory Pool object.
osMemoryPoolGetSpace : Get number of memory blocks available in a Memory Pool.
osMemoryPoolNew : Create and Initialize a Memory Pool object.
Message Queue
osMessageQueueDelete : Delete a Message Queue object.
osMessageQueueGet : Get a Message from a Queue or timeout if Queue is empty.
osMessageQueueGetCapacity : Get maximum number of messages in a Message Queue.
osMessageQueueGetCount : Get number of queued messages in a Message Queue.
osMessageQueueGetMsgSize : Get maximum message size in a Memory Pool.
osMessageQueueGetName : Get name of a Message Queue object.
osMessageQueueGetSpace : Get number of available slots for messages in a Message Queue.
osMessageQueueNew : Create and Initialize a Message Queue object.
osMessageQueuePut : Put a Message into a Queue or timeout if Queue is full.
osMessageQueueReset : Reset a Message Queue to initial empty state.
OS_Tick_Setup : Setup OS Tick.
OS_Tick_Enable : Enable OS Tick.
OS_Tick_Disable : Disable OS Tick.
OS_Tick_AcknowledgeIRQ : Acknowledge OS Tick IRQ.
OS_Tick_GetIRQn : Get OS Tick IRQ number.
OS_Tick_GetClock : Get OS Tick clock.
OS_Tick_GetInterval : Get OS Tick interval.
OS_Tick_GetCount : Get OS Tick count value.
OS_Tick_GetOverflow : Get OS Tick overflow status.
RTX5 Specific API
osRtxErrorNotify : OS Error Callback function.
osRtxIdleThread : OS Idle Thread.
The following CMSIS-RTOS2 functions can be called from threads and Interrupt Service Routines (ISR):
osKernelGetInfo, osKernelGetState, osKernelGetTickCount, osKernelGetTickFreq, osKernelGetSysTimerCount, osKernelGetSysTimerFreq
osEventFlagsSet, osEventFlagsClear, osEventFlagsGet, osEventFlagsWait
osSemaphoreAcquire, osSemaphoreRelease, osSemaphoreGetCount
osMemoryPoolAlloc, osMemoryPoolFree, osMemoryPoolGetCapacity, osMemoryPoolGetBlockSize, osMemoryPoolGetCount, osMemoryPoolGetSpace
osMessageQueuePut, osMessageQueueGet, osMessageQueueGetCapacity, osMessageQueueGetMsgSize, osMessageQueueGetCount, osMessageQueueGetSpace



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